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I've been baking since I can remember. I actually still have the first cookbook I ever received when I was about 10 years old. Ever since then, I've been whipping up things in my kitchen, mostly for my friends and family. I always thought I'd go into a cooking profession of some sort but (as you can probably tell by the blog title) I turned my focus on to something more acceptable to my parents.

And today I thank them for that. I love baking and food in general but I don't think a career in either was quite made for me (I'm more of a numbers gal). However, I do find myself searching for an outlet to share my cooking masterpieces (and even disasters), especially to help me grow and improve my technique.

I'd been wanting to do a blog for a little while now but kept shutting down the idea because I had no clue how to start one. I finally got the push I needed from my co-worker who helped me find Blogger, which I found to be super easy to navigate and very user-friendly. Not much longer after that, the blog was born!

Aside from providing me with a clever title for the blog, my profession has been pretty helpful in keeping this blog a success. Back when I was an auditor (about 4 years ago), I would bring something in for the team to enjoy every Friday. My co-workers would even try and challenge me every once in a while, whether it be through bake-offs or recipe challenges. Unfortunately, since I left my auditing job, I stopped baking as much and got lazy with the blog. I am happy to say that I am back in action and excited to stretch my baking muscles once again!

About me!

I'm a graduate of the University of Florida (Go Gators!). I moved to Atlanta after graduation for work from sunny ole Florida! I met my amazing husband shortly after and we were married in 2015.  

I'm an analyst by day with a huge passion for baking (and cooking, but mostly baking); I'll bake anything and everything. So please...send me any recipes you'd like to see me try and I'll document every step of the way!

If you have a questions, shoot me an email to certifiedpastryaficionado@gmail.com. I promise to respond as soon as possible :)

Favorite foods: rustic pizza, s'mores, raspberries, hazelnuts, roasted mushrooms, anything with vinegar, blue cheese, coffee, bbq, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate, Oreos (NOT double stuff). The most random list ever, I know. But I love every one of these things, unconditionally.

Least favorite foods (and even foods I despise): fennel, olives, artichoke hearts, overly sweet things, black licorice, cooked broccoli, Cool Whip, canned green beans, chocolate and orange paired together, tea.

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